Your life is what you make of it.
Your life is what you make of it.

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CAPITAL LIFEWORKS is a personal consulting and coaching practice designed for people who do more than just think about creating change in their lives -- they work to achieve it.


Your life is a compilation of habits.  Your behaviors, perceptions, emotions and feelings are all habits you acquired consciously or unconsciously in response to your life experiences.  Every day, these habits influence your lifestyle and, every day, your lifestyle reinforces your habits.  Being aware of this entwined relationship is vital to meeting the true challenge of creating change in your life, which is to recognize, understand and alter your habits and the behavioral patterns of your lifestyle.


Meeting this challenge takes times, determination, is often stressful, and requires you to do much more than set goals focused on the future.  In fact, to create meaningful, purposeful change in your life, you need start today and apply yourself to the task every day.


Capital LifeWorks and Coach Tricia Ferrone will help you meet this challenge by guiding you through an ambitious, holistic change process centered on helping you develop and embrace an intention  --  mindset -- whereby you focus on the big picture of the lifestyle you want while you recognize and take advantage of opportunities to change your life that occur every day.  This mindset  provides you with the mental energy and fortitude you need to continually move your life forward with confidence and purpose.  You're not waiting for change to happen -- you're making it happen -- you're living it.

YOUR LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT, and your desire to change is a sign you are experiencing an imbalance.  It is a sign that, on some level, you are dissatisfied with the way you life is right now.  It is a sign you want or need to exercise more control over your own life.


Do not ignore your desire.  Instead, explore it and see it as an opportunity to challenge the habits and behaviors that have always underminded your efforts to create change in your life and live your best life -- every day.

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